What people are saying about us . . .

"Cary Vance is Mr. Dance, I use Cary as a promotion man, marketing guru, and A&R source. I love working with Cary" - Patrick Moxey | President, Ultra Music

"Cary is one of the most passionate music people I've ever met. He lives dance music." - Cory Robbins | President, Robbins Entertainment

"Cary Vance is dedicated, diligent and strong on follow up. We get his point of view when we are strategizing a new release to the dance crossover panel to maximize our chance for success. Fun to work with too!" - Eddie O’Loughlin | President, Next Plateau Entertainment

"Cary is completely immersed in the world of Dance Music. He has a vision and strategy with each campaign. Cary is proud of the format and represents us ALL so well… He is one of the true reasons Dance music gets respect!" - Daniel Glass | President, Glass Note

"In the highly competitive and exciting arena of dance radio, Cary Vance and Promo Only are essential partners in the quest to get a dance record as much exposure as possible. To have a bona fide dance hit, you obviously need to have a great record first. Once that is in place, you need the support from clubs and radio. Cary Vance and Promo Only are there for the job!" - Michael Weiss | President, Nervous Records

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